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Mental Health

We operate a sister company to the housing organisation, called Lotus Clinical Therapy Services (CTS). Lotus CTS is a mental health therapy service for adults in Wolverhampton who have suffered trauma. We found that many (if not all) of our residents had suffered complex trauma in their lives and after digging deeper, found that many people in the wider community had too.

Despite everyone dealing with trauma to some extent, that which CTS deals with can be defined as:

  • Acute – caused by a single incident
  • Chronic – as a result of repeated and prolonged incidents
  • Complex – caused by varied, multiple traumatic incidents

Individuals do not need to be diagnosed with complex trauma or PTSD in order to be referred, see full referral criteria below.

Referral criteria

  • Adults aged 18+
  • Have experienced trauma

After a referral is received the patient is assessed by telephone to gauge suitability for therapy.

Lotus CTS patients are offered between 12 – 20 clinical appointments from our city centre location. Our clinicians use integrated approaches, including but not limited to EMDR (Eye-Movement Desensitisation Reprogramming) and TF-CBT (Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behaviour Therapy), with the aim of helping patients process their experiences. The intention is to psycho educate patients in order to assist them in managing the conditions that come with complex trauma, namely heightened anxiety, depression, substance misuse and self-harm.  

The clinical therapy team consists of highly trained psychotherapists, all of whom have experience in working with trauma.   

NHS Partnership

In March 2019 we approached the Wolverhampton NHS clinical commissioning group (CCG), who agreed to fund us to offer mental health therapy to our residents as well as members of the public who had suffered traumas. This has allowed us to not only deliver bespoke mental health therapy to our residents, but to also to fulfill an unmet need in the wider community.

Our housing organisation and the mental therapy service complement each other brilliantly – Lotus CTS can begin to address mental health issues early before the need for re housing has even arisen; preventing further distressing periods which many of our residents have previously endured.

For more information on the mental health service, please email info@lotuscts.co.uk or call us: 0800 009 6623.