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Learn more about the housing solutions Lotus Sanctuary provides as part of our service to support and empower vulnerable women.

Lotus Sanctuary has houses and apartments across the UK specifically for the purpose of housing our residents, providing them with a stable, safe base and foundation from which to rebuild their path. Our residents suffer from a range of complex issues including (but not limited to) substance misuse, homelessness, domestic violence and sexual exploitation, all with their own set of needs and circumstances.

Homes not houses

We are unique in our approach to accommodation with a maximum of 4 residents in each home in order to avoid a hostel/refuge like environment. This ensures support is individualised, aiding the resident in their recovery and also minimising the potential for complications with other residents. We are also unique in offering a long term, holistic approach to our residents, believing that time is required in order to tackle any potential ongoing issues and lay down the groundwork for long lasting positive change. As a result we provide a two year stay to residents, during which time we aim to empower and equip them with the skills that are vital to lead successful, positive and fulfilled lives.

We primarily house single females, as well as some mothers with young children. Our family properties are all self-contained, with mothers and their children given the right space in order to grow. Our properties span the breadth of the UK,