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Learn more about the housing solutions Lotus Sanctuary provides as part of our service to support and empower vulnerable women.

Our Accommodation

Lotus Sanctuary have houses and apartments across the UK specifically for the purpose of housing our residents, providing them with a stable, safe base and foundation from which to rebuild their path. Our residents suffer from a range of complex issues including (but not limited to) substance misuse, homelessness, domestic violence and sexual exploitation, all with their own set of needs and circumstances.

We firmly believe that everyone deserves to have a safe home and without this, long term, sustainable changes to are extremely hard to implement.

Homes, Not Houses

We are unique in our approach to accommodation with a mixture of different properties ranging from single apartments and smaller, two bedroom properties to larger houses of multiple occupancy. Where we place our residents is determined by their unique situation.

We primarily house single females, as well as mothers with young children. Our family properties are all self-contained, with mothers and their children given ample space in order to grow and bond as a family unit.

Nationwide Supported Housing

Lotus currently have 209 supported units of accommodation consisting of shared houses and self contained units reaching from the South West to the North East of the UK. We operate across 10 different councils and five regions nationwide. All supported accommodation and wraparound support is modelled around our successful initial properties in the West Midlands.

The accommodation we provide our residents with always includes the essentials. Basic furniture such as a bed, chest of drawers, tables and chairs are provided as well as white goods and appliances including fridge, cooker, toaster & kettle. Furnishing houses with these basic amenities comes at a considerable initial cost which most of our residents are not in a position to cover. We are happy to provide these in a bid to give these individuals the best possible start – always going the extra mile to help.

Socially Conscious Landlords

We are always on the lookout for collaborations with socially conscious landlords throughout the UK as we continue to grow. Although we are always expanding and taking on increasing properties around the country we currently have an unprecedented number of local referrals for vulnerable women who desperately need homes.

We are especially keen to talk to you if you have empty property in the Walsall, Dudley and Wolverhampton areas. We are offering above market value rental price and a guaranteed income on a 5 year lease. If you can help or would like more information please send us an email to Gurpaal@lotussanctuary.co.uk or Stephanie@lotussanctuary.co.uk.