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Our Story

How the idea for Lotus Sanctuary CIC & Lotus CTS began as an idea and once nurtured blossomed into the services you see before you today.

Planting Seeds

Lotus Sanctuary CIC is a community interest company with the pure and simple intention of housing and empowering vulnerable women suffering a range of complex issues; a collective of empowered women empowering women.

The idea behind Lotus Sanctuary CIC was born out of the true story of a woman in Wolverhampton who was homeless and in hospital undergoing a medical detox from alcohol. The dilemma this woman faced was both seemingly simple and heart-breaking. Her only options were either a women’s refuge, which would only house her once she was 6 weeks clean and sober, or a male dominated hostel rife with drugs, alcohol and exploitation. This led us to ask the naïve question, surely there are more services that exist for women in such a situation? The answer in 2018 was no. Thus the seed was planted for what has become Lotus Sanctuary CIC, a not for profit, supported housing group for vulnerable females in the West Midlands founded in August 2018.

Holistic Health

After the crucial need of safe, secure accommodation has been met and our resident has been rehoused our support is structured around the resident’s core issues and needs. Each resident is assigned a support worker who along with the resident tailors an empowerment plan. We offer the residents emotional and practical support to aid the healing process and to solve on-going issues, walking hand in hand with our residents in developing the skills and confidence needed to rebuild their lives and continue on their journey upwards. Our holistic approach towards recovery involves physical, mental, emotional and spiritual activities including: yoga, art therapy, regular rambling excursions, cooking, healthy eating classes and CV workshops. All of this is done with the aim of rebuilding residents’ confidence and self-esteem, equipping them with the tools they need to face various life challenges.

The Lotus Blossoms

Our hopes and aspirations for our residents is that they recover from the issues that led them to us.

None of our residents ended up in the position of reaching out for help by choice; so it’s our duty to do our utmost to assist them on the path to recovery when they do reach out. As a company our goal is to keep expanding to meet the needs of vulnerable women in our community, and we truly believe that we have the perfect team for the job. Success looks different on a case by case basis, but with the passion and dedication shown by our staff, we can say with confidence that we will always do our utmost in supporting the women in our care on their journey of recovery.